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DEA and HIPAA compliant Narcotic Module

is fully customizable to your controlled substance inventory.

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Use our database or create completely customizable logbooks, drills, life safety, in-services, medication logs, etc.

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Temperature and Humidity

Crash Cart Medications and Supplies

Malignant Hyperthermia Kit

Environmental Rounds

Fluid Warmer

Blanket Temperature

Medical Gas Log

Daily Housekeeping Checklist

Daily Crash Cart Checklist

Daily Code Cart Checklist

Medical Gas Logs

Defibrillator Check

Flash Sterilization Runs

Freezer Log

Fridge Log

Warmer Log

Anesthesia Machine Check

Morning Cleaning Checklist OR

Emergency Cart Checklist

Daily Pressure Check Log

Instrument Sterilization Runs

Sterilization of LMAs

Temperature Log for Medication Refrigerator

Admin Area Check

Recovery Check Date

Daily Bathroom Log

Washer Monitoring Log

Eye Wash Check List

And many more…

Emergency Generator or UPS Power Check

Attest Spore Testing

Autoclave Cleaning

Eyewash Station Check

Ice Machine Cleaning Log

Weekly Alcohol Check / Fill

Weekly Emergency Eyewash Test and Maintenance Log PreOp

C Arm Testing

Eye Wash

Glucometer Check

Area Checklist Log

Generator Test Log

Peds Intubation Cart

Quality Control Log Sheet Eyewash Log

Weekly Crash Cart Check

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool

Operating Room Cleaning

Water Temperature Log / Eye Wash Station

Weekly Routines

And many more…

Anesthesia Cart Medications and Supplies

Life Safety Equipment Check

Fire Extinguisher Check

Refrigerated Medication Check

Filter Change Log

Sterile Processing Checklist

ACLS Crash Cart Checklist

Monthly Checklist Log

Piped Medical Gas and Clinical Vacuum Alarm System Testing

Pregnancy Test Controls

Glucometer Testing

Hand Hygiene Survey

Hand Hygiene Monitoring Tool

OR Outdates Checklist 2019

OR Cleaning

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Crash Cart Inventory - Monthly Check

PACU Narcotic Cart Outdates

Crash Cart Log

Monthly Complication Report

Generator (Full Load Test)

Powered Exit Signs

Anesthesia Filter Change Log

Vacuum Pump Log

Emergency Lighting Check

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

And many more…

Fire Drills

Emergency Generator or UPS Testing

Radiation Badge Monitoring

Alarm Test Log

Medication Storage Review

Infection Control Best Practice Review Checklist

Radiology Quarterly Review

Quarterly Sprinkler System Test

Water Filter Change Log Filter

Vacuum Pump Exhaust Log

Humidifirst Ultrasonic Humidifier Maintenance Log Quarterly - Checking of Connections & Wires

Hand Hygiene Audit Tool

OR Outdates

OR Deep Clean Log

Quality Assurance Review Schedule

Earthquake Preparedness Quarterly Checklist

Staff Meeting

Pre-Op Room Quarterly Outdates

Endo Crash Cart

EOC Quarterly Rounds

Pathology Quality Assurance Checklist

Fire Drill Report

Emergency Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) Battery Test

And many more…

Preventive Maintenance on Equipment

Quality Improvement Meeting

Unanticipated Sequela Form

Unanticipated Sequela Addendum Sheet

Water Filter Change Log Filter

HVAC Electrical Outlet Inspection Part

Anesthesia Machine Gas Calibration

Semi-Annual Outlet Testing

6 Month Receptacle Monitoring

I-Stat System Electronic Simulator Log

Electrical Receptacle Log

And many more…

Life Safety Equipment Check

Vacuum System Check

Medical Gas Testing

Lead Testing

Annual Testing of Lead Apron

Electrical Outlet Inspections Hospital Grade Minimum Testing

Risk Management Annual

Smoke Dampers - Annual

Fire Alarm System Annual Testing Summary

Vacuum System Check

Visual and Audible Testing of Fire Alarms and Speakers

Visual and Audible Testing of Smoke Detectors

Emergency Lighting Testing for 90 Minutes

Emergency Systems Check

Yearly Lead Apron & Thyroid Checks

Aboveground Tank Annual Inspection Checklist

Annual Outlet Testing

Malignant Hyperthermia Drill

Physicist Reporting

Pharmacy Review

Competencies on Waived Testing for Nurses

Fire Drill

Annual Narcotic Inventory Class

Radiology Program Verification CHecklist - Annual Review

Medical Gas Outlet Check - Annual

And many more…

Crash Cart Inventory Sheet

Hemocue #1 Glucose 201 Quality Control Log

Steam Sterilizer Record Keeping

Credentialing Anesthesiologists

Crash Cart Inventory Finalized

Medications Kit

Biological Indicator

Malignant Hyperthermia Inventory

Procedures Log

OR Checklist

Pre-Op Nurse Competency Checklist

Call Light Check

Critical Equipment Log

Pregnancy Test Log

Anesthesia Equipment Checklist

Infection Log

Pathology Specimen Log

Master Checklist Log

LMA Sterilization

Gas Sterilizer Log

And many more…

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Did you know, you do not have to stick to any of our templates?

Did you know, you do not have to stick to any of our templates?

We will digitize your current logs.

Simply send us your logs in any format and your center will be digitized and ready the next day.

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No binders, clipboards or storage

What if you could access the entire accreditation documentation from your fingertips?

No more sticky notes and expired medications

Complete medication logs in mere seconds along with inventory and supply reminders.

No more compliance deficiencies and stress before your upcoming accreditation survey

Maintain complete oversight of your staff’s log completions directly from your computer.

What doctors, nurses and administrators

say about SurgLogs

“I started using SurgLogs a few years ago to help manage my ambulatory surgery center. No longer do I have to worry about whether or not my staff are completing the required logs on a daily basis. The desktop portal allows me to very quickly survey all of the daily logs with just a few clicks. Because SurgLogs makes the process of maintaining required logs so much more efficient, it's like having one or two more staff members around.”

John M. Hilinski, M.D.

The Hilinski Ambulatory Surgery Center, AAAASF Medicare Deemed

“Since we incorporated SurgLogs into our facility the staff has been amazed at how easy it is to keep up with daily logbooks. As a Nurse Administrator, I love the ability to monitor everything that is being completed every day in my surgery center from my administrator portal. I look forward to the cost savings each month and year. Additionally, I have no more storage fee concerns for logbooks! Thank you SurgLogs!“

Vicki Evans, RN

Los Alamitos Surgery Center

“We have been using Surglogs for a couple months now and it has been an amazing transformation in our facility. It is time efficient and very easy to use. The staff is awesome with help services and are willing to go that extra mile for their customers. I highly recommend them!!“

Elizabeth Aguilar

River’s Edge Surgery Center

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